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Friday, January 1, 2010

Vintage Red Bag

I found the original Minnie Jeanne quilted bag. This photo on the right is vintage Lara in 1981. I freaked out when I came across this photo yesterday. I remember this quilted red bag. It was my favorite. I think Hello Kitty was on the other side.  Well it freaked me out because out of all the Minnie Jeanne quilted bags that were made in 2009 guess which one is my favorite. You guessed right, crimson sunset or True Red. It is really crazy that this happened. After all this time I have managed to re-create my favorite red quilted bag. I do think I paired it nicely with a faded pink cap sleeve t-shirt. Like my mom's jeans! WOW!  The outfit my dad is wearing was his favorite. He could wear this faded denim camp shirt and jeans everyday. Love you Dad!  Let's just say another WOW for Erik's hair.


La Société de Mode said...

It's so great to find a grown-up version of your childhood favorites.The bag is just adorable and adds that needed pop of color to any outfit. great find

Rebecca, Maddy,Madeline and Alec
La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

Sabrina said...

oh!it's cool!i really like that bag in that color! is fashionable this season!

Sam Harvey said...

Thank you for your comments! It is amazing how I have a reason why I love the Crimson Sunset bag so much! We do have the bag available to ship if you are interested! We are going through a name change right now. We are changing from Minnie Jeanne to SAM HARVEY. We realized that we needed an androgynous name when the MAN BAG came out this December. Have a day - lovelies!