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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Are All In This Together

My mom is always right. Today's blog is dedicated to Chris my mom. She was at the Volvo dealership and decided to read the blog for the first time.  She called this morning *and after she said she read it, sweaty palms started - yeah* and she said that I shouldn't say that I don't care what people think. I knew I shouldn't have said that. Oh mom you caught me. I am coming clean. I do care what my peeps have to say. I mean that like I mean how it is important that there is oxygen for me to breath. Bottom line, we are all in this together. I need you. I appreciate what you have to say. I have fun creating with you.

I jacked up the cutoff look. Wolford tights *they are the best, not itchy*, Marc Jacobs top, Cole Haan bootage and you know about the cut offs already.

Hey check it - I did a zig zag stitch so they wouldn't come unraveled by summer. Pretty Shhhleeeeek ayyyy!

Pin tucks with orange ribbon in between. Debra Harris painting in the background.

Little update. This is my sketch of the top that I am working on. After I sew on the ribbon to all the pieces I can start putting it together. Red skirt I could sew together while I am sleeping. Did I tell you that I had a dream last night that Jeffrey, myself and my brother in law Ron and his wife Dawn were morooned on an island? There was this Jewish bubby lady's house on the island and it had a pottery barn teen bedroom totally matchy matchy but we couldn't use any of it cause we were worried she would come home. All through the dream I was so pissed we couldn't use the designer towels. I signed up for maintaining the garden and cooking *how original of me.  Dawn signed up for cleaning and Ron and Jeffrey were just playing frisbee the whole time. We don't need to go anywhere for that.

And wahlah - progress. Sherrie, that orange ribbon is for you my darling!

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