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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pin Tucks That Rock the Soul

Hi Darlings!

Today really started out like a raging shit storm but then this bunny planted himself outside my sewing room for about 2 hours *really cute bunny too* and I felt like someone cared about what I was doing.  My room was transformed into this bambi-ish, Woody Allen couch rambling, waiting for a corndog on Main Street kind of feel.  I slowly started to feel better. I cracked the window and sniffed the fresh cold air. It was supposed to rain today - not a cloudy in the sky...

Ok I caved, here I am when I am sewing. I feel like hot shit when I am wearing the tape around my neck. I thought it be better if I never show pics of me sewing but you know what, I just don't care what you think anymore.

Wild bunny and I plunged into the abyss of  stitching pin tucks. I had to break out the manual for this folks.  This pin tuck stuff is going down the blouse I am working on for Mary Poppins photo shoot. I know none of this makes sense but you know what - I don't care.

I want to add pin tucks to everything I own. They add this wonderful three dimension to anything. I love how they pop. In my architect mind I would coin this effect - profiling. POP.

This is wild bunny at first glance.

Who doesn't like to be watched by an adorable wild bunny?

He was saying to me "See Lara, I told you to jump into your work and everything would be better.".   Thanks for hanging out with me. Love to all the wild bunnies out there!

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