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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Move Over Minnie

Hello friends!  I laughed myself to sleep last night. It had something to do with me frying a pack of bacon before bed. Yeah, I know you had to be there.  I never laughed so hard. I couldn't stop. My bed was convulsing.  Today I had the answers for the logo development for SAM HARVEY.   For all of you who are familiar with the name Minnie Jeanne, well we are putting it to rest for good.  Thanks to my friends who helped propel me to design the MAN BAG, the thought occured to our design team that no man would buy a work-out bag called Minnie Jeanne.  Women will buy a masculine name but it doesn't work the other way around. 

Sam and Harvey are the names of Lara and Jeffrey's grandfathers.  As for the logo, I just brainstormed this morning. I thought of IZOD's alligator.   My black cat SKIBU.  I have always had black cats growing up.  Last weekend I met a black panther.  He really went out of his way to come over to me. It's like he was saying "Take me on.".

Panthers are the most adaptable of the great cats and have the reputation of being secretive.  Panthers will eat almost anything.  They are skilled hunters, stalking silently and nocturnal.  Let's just face it, this is a good symbol for power and courage.
This is me and Skibu going for our morning walk. I like to wear fur around my neck when it gets chilly.

Mogli has a black panther for a pet too!
I developed the logo in just a few hours today.  Seriously, first I was going for this black panther face but then I knew I wanted something like NIKE swoosh.  I then zoomed my atttentiont to the pouty cat face, that pinch where the nose and mouth come together. I enclosed it in a circle and wham  - logo is born.  Tell me what you think.


Craig Jolly said...

Actually, before reading the story I thought the logo looked more like a tuxedo bowtie flanked by the lapels of the jacket. Either way I think it works, especially with the font.

Sam Harvey said...

Hi Craig!
Thanks for the comments. I know you can relate to changing names. It is not for the ones with weak mo-jo's!