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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleeves are Better with Packets of Mustard

Her hair is really cool don't you think? Today is a day of reflection. In other words, no actual sewing performed yet today.  This pic is from View2 Textile my favorite resource for seeing what will be coming down the thread pike. Let's pay attention to sleeve detailia today. 
Last night it hit me when I was sifting through NM catalog that my Mary Poppins blouse sleeves were as good of an idea as placing the salad bar next to the men's shitter at this Italian place that went out of business *hmm wonder why?*.  Even though the ribbon is sewn on the sleeves, I must give the boot to those flouncy, i could store nuts for the winter, I could blow my nose in those sleeves! 

Mary Poppins needs an update.
Alexander McQueen did some sweet sleeves right here. I like this.  It's called don't cry on my sleeve honey buns. I do want to show some orange ribbon still though. I think I will go with the sleeves at the top that are mid length but straight and shleek, minus the buttons.

This zipper is made in Italy by Lanfranchi. I think I need to make a special trip to Milan to tour the facility, walk the marble thresholds, sip espresso standing up and buy lots of this hot sexy zippers.

This is my front walkway. These were my colors for today. Pink and green, very wasp of me.
This is what I wore today, still wearing as I am typing this. LLBean sweater, green cords by Ralph Lauren, necklace is from an Apache Native American who came to visit me at the RES. She said live on a reservation because my mom is my neighbor!
I had lunch with kindergartners today because once I make a promise to Lil I have to keep it or I will pay.  Get this: All the kids had stuffed animals on the playground except Tucker who had a large plastic dinosaur that he pounded into my green medallion.  I am convinced Tucker has a crush on Lil becuase he pokes her.

At lunch I opened about 20 packets of mustard.  This little boy skirted a catsup pack into his hair and another girl was waving a slice of watermelon and saying how she would not share with anyone. They all wanted to see my cat scratchs since Lil told them the story of how Skibu fell into my hot tub one night.  But you know what really made my trip sweet....Tucker held my hand on the way from the cafeteria to the classroom for story time. Future heart smasher.

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Wonderful Lara - Absolutely great post!