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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flowy Gauzy Stuff


Raw corn bread batter, running around the lake and this piece above has turned my day into joy!  I studied Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons Spring Collection for 2009 today.  The piece above is so amazing. It reminds me of Vietnamese egg rolls with transparent sheaths showing off the shrimp. The shrimp color is subdued and more mysterious.  The ruffle dress is like an armature. I could wear this everyday. I love the random zipper too.

I love how Rei uses the nude chiffon for the leggings here. The layering is genius.  This is poetry.
I just picked a few shots for you because there are 48 different looks for this Collection. Makes me think that I have much work to do if I want a collection.

The army green is so hard and the petal colored soft drape of the chiffon is perfect. I think this can be very sexy because there is some contour mystery to the figure.

The happy part of this story is that it made me break out my cheap red knit again. I will finish my skirt but guess what I am going to over lay it with...

 Rei has released me. Everything doesn't have to be so perfect.  I really like what is happening to the red here.  I think the red alone is too siren.   A skin tight under shirt in the same chiffon would be cool too under the blouse!  I truly believe the best will come out of finding materials that I have on hand.  Time to make it work!

*If somebody knows what this fabric is called please tell me becuase I don't think it is called chiffon. For now let's just call it flowy gauzy stuff.


Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

You made them? Amazing!
I study fashion! Im in my last year!

Susan said...

Flowy gauzey stuff is a great description! That looks like a fabulous collection. xx

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thanks Susan! I know it's right when I get this excited. It also helps that I had a whole big bag of it sitting in my closet just collecting dust!

Tzoules said...

I have to be honest!

I dont like them..they look so special...futur-fashion like queen...who will wear them? NOBODY!!!

Hope u have a nice time!
I follow u.
Feel free to visit me & follow me back:)

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

I decided to have bangs cut in becuz i was so bored with my hair..i had it parted in the middle and then pushed back..:)

emily said...

i LOVE rei kawakubo, but i have to say, my favorite part of that collection was the kiss-prints. ;) i love your version, with the layered skirts. interesting idea...