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Monday, January 11, 2010

Gibson Girl Monday

Cut out the muslins for my Mary Poppins inspired top.  I am still in the throws of deciding if the accent is going to be orange suede or orange gross grain ribbon.  I did manage to find some gorgeous white fabric that I bought from MOOD in LA about 2 years ago.  I am feeling very confident that this is going to kick ass! I am making this for the SAM HARVEY Spring Collection photo shoot. There hopefully you aren't completely bewildered.

Here is some brain dumpage. See the blue bag - huh? Still listening?  That is the MAN BAG but made for a woMAN in faded dim blue and bright orange piping. It is going to be so AMAZING!  I came up with this right before I went to play tennis yesterday.  Hey, I saw you laughing at my fashion figure. I am an architect, what do you want?!

Anyways, back to tennis. I have to share this with you. There is this guy named Mike and he just bought a monkey for a pet over the holidays *he does look a little like where the wild things are monster*. Well Monkey Mike shared his phone photos of him and his monkey skiing together. Yes, that's right - he put the monkey in his back pack and went skiing?! I will just let you think about that for a while.


dazed said...

Don't worry, adding videos to your blog is by no means a difficult feat. Most videos from Youtube and Vimeo have an option for you to 'embed' the video. For example, on any given Youtube video there is yellow 'subscribe' button. Right below it are the URL and EMBED. Copy the text next to EMBED and paste it onto your blog text in any post. Hope this helps!

Sam Harvey said...

i will try this out! by the way dazed... your blog is pretty awesome. i spent some time on it last night. the pic of kate and johnny depp - i think whoooo horsey!