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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Highlighters are COOL

Yesterday at my Executive Forum monthly meeting I think I pissed off Lisa Ridley, a consultant for MAP. Still don't know what that stands for but anyhoo.  I got angry when she told us that we needed a plan B just in case Plan A doesn't work. I think that is a crock. I don't do plan B's.  My feeling is, if you do a Plan B, then you will end up using Plan B.  No deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   I did learn to be more focused with  my list of things to do everyday.

Lisa said the best time to figure out the top 3 *not 6 or 20* vital factors is before you go to bed.   Typically, I have about 20 things on my list but I ignore the thing that really needs to get done.   The one that has to do with making money.   For example, I would write about calling places but nothing ever quantifiable.

Vital Factor Numero Uno for today was:

Arrange 3 face to face meetings with 3 different Resort Spas in Arizona.

Well palies, guess what, I did it. Most the time all I heard was voice machines but I kept at it. I kept calling until I heard a voice.  Before I knew it I had a meeting at The Boulders for February!  After that one it just got easier.  There is something about talking to someone on the phone as opposed to e-mail.  People assume too many things in an e-mail.  It is more authentic when you can laugh together and hear their distinct voice on the other end. 

Rule number one is to just be yourself. It helped that I could look some directors up on Facebook. One director looked like she was my age and had a family so instantly it took the edge off. I have an appointment at the Phoenician and Arizona Biltmore tomorrow. I am very proud of myself.

John D. Rockefeller was about 20 when he went on the road marketing. I love his face here. He is so calm and sure of himself.  In the book Titan where I scanned this, it says that he was a gentleman, never pushy but persistant.  I like to have fun marketing. You have to. The person on the other side of the table wants to have fun too.  If you can make a friend, even better.

In the 1860's when Rockefeller struck out for new clients in Ohio and Indiana, he probably rode something like this Gentleman's phaeton, Waterloo Wagon Co., Waterloo, NY.  I actually went to his coach barn in Kykuit Pocantico,New York to the Rockefeller Family Home.   It was unforgettable. Especially when Lily decided to goose the nude sculpture in the art gallery. Ooooopsie!  If I went on the road with John D. there wouldn't be any dancing or drinking that is for sure. He would smile and nod at me as his horses outran everybody elses on the road. 

David Spade and Chris Farley. Period.  We would stop off for fried chicken everyday and listen to Neil Diamond Craklin Rose on repeat on our way to our next sell. I would just work on the media kits, fix their car door that fell off and laugh all day.  We could sell brake pad handbags.

Highlighters are COOL.

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