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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stitch by Stitch

Making some progress on the top for my sweet photo shoot coming up!  I am channeling Mary Poppins as we speak. I love her you know.  I feel so awesome that I have something done today!  I was so nervous when I was cutting through my pin tucks *the bumped out stitch above* but my Bernina went right through it like a

I am not done, so don't start with the "Is that your final?" questions. I have a pretty good idea that I am going to go with short crisp sleeves to modernize it a bit. I think for Spring, this will be great! The waist will be more slim fitting with a smart little tie that is on the way.

My ribbons don't line up exactly but I think overall - I rocked it. It has a silk charmuse lining. I am proud, can
 you tell!

I think I will add an orange zipper to the back. I think buttons would not only be lame but also lame. Going to make dinner and then go play some tennis with my crew!  More tomorrow.


Erica said...

it's very cool that you make all your stuff!


Sam Harvey Handbags said...
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Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thanks for stopping by Erica. I certainly love what I do. When I am sewing I forget about everything. I kind of have to if I want it to turn out right. I like thinking about the next move in between the sewing too.