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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Hiking

I'm just going to wipe my dirty hands on my pants.  Do you want to hike with me?

You can ride your BMX, horse, mountain bike or just walk like me. What ev.

It is overcast and about 68. You can wear a light jacket and some shorts. It only took me 15 minutes to get here from mi casa today.

This is typically how a baby saguaro establishes itself.  He makes sure he is protected by a Palo Verde tree.

At this point of maturity, the saguaro sometimes kills the tree that protected it.  The saguaro provides homes for many animals so don't get bitter.

I love dead saguaros, so sculptural and surreal. You better drink some water, we are half way there.
Wilted ribs.

The only fashion out here are the tracks. What do yours look like?
Yeah, that's what I thought.

We will stop here for a while before turning back. This is the grand arroyo. It goes on for miles.  The walls are sometimes about 10 feet high. Animals gather here and the vegetation is always lush.  Well, lush for Arizona.  When we have a major storm, I imagine myself body surfing through this natural channel past all the trees hanging on for dear life. I would love to do that one day. I doubt the water gets as high as I imagine.

This is a cairn *pile of rocks that survive BMX speedsters smashing beer cans into their foreheads*. Arizona hikers like to make these to mark trails or landmarks.

Pretty sweet photoshop cropping on my part hmmm.
This is knarly!

This root inspires me to make a scarf for my SAM HARVEY Spring Collection. How cool is that.  I love how it is all twisted and kind of ruffly. It reminds me of my pink hand crotched jacket that Cindy White gave me. If she could make a whole lot of the ruffles in a linear spiral then I could just throw it around my neck like Britney and the python. Are you with me? I just can't shut it off ever.  Not even in this remote wilderness.

I like this because the water has washed all the dirt away and you can see the cage of roots holding the rocks.  This shot is taken on a steep incline of the arroyo.

We had better turn to go back now. Thanks for the hike!

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