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Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Get Delusional

Yesterday morning with my ritual cup of PG Tips British black tea I read For Richer or for... Not Quite as Rich in the Sunday Business section of the New York Times.  I suggest you read this article before reading my blog. Please tell me what you think of it.    I like Peter Brant's story. What is important to me is that even though he is going through some financial set backs, he sounds like the kind of guy who will get right back on his Hi Ho Silver and AWAY - to financial freedom.  It just proves to me that once you have a strong enough habit about money, no matter what happens, it will remain a constant.  He is a tycoon and as a business entrepreneur, I always gravitate to tycoons because they inspire great things in me.  I do study John D. Rockefellor, but it's nice to read about somebody who is living.  

I became enthralled especially when I read about his monthly expenses such as the part where he is in court and he is justifying his monthly expenses, "He spends 30,000 a month on household supplies, which, he told the court, could be anything from "toothpaste to towels."  There's an additional $12,500 a month for miscellaneous personal expenses, and $15,199 a month for personal entertainment."  

I put down the paper and I took out my big note pad. Those who are close to me know that I journal a lot. I journal for what I want to focus on.  I started to journal about what my life would be like even if I had $15,199 for an entertainment budget every month. I do this to expand my vantage point from where I am in my life.  If your life is not giving you what you want in the present moment, well you can fake it until you make it. 

Here is what I wrote in my journal:

Staff accustomed to my needs, my house is always clean,  new sheets on my beds every month, fresh coats of paint, new furniture, the variety of fresh flowers every month, variety of new colors, being taken care of, team spirit of organization, crisp linens that are freshly laundered, a chef that knows exaclty how my family likes to eat and enjoys cooking, the look on Eva and Lily's faces as we say we are taking them on a trip and we are leaving as soon as they get ready.   Private jets to transport us to far off places at a moments notice.   I could go on, and trust me... I do habitually. 

I went on an on for about 15 minutes and when I was done I was on a high. Even though I wasn't observing somebody putting laundry away or mopping my floors I had the urge to do it myself. To be organized. I was focused on how my life could be better.  Do you ever stop to think of how your life could be better?  What would be your story if you had those kinds of monthy sums? Are you the type that is comfortable with being a little delusional?


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