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Friday, January 22, 2010

Spa Resort Traipsing

 I arrived at K2 base camp.  Marketing is like climbing K2 *sister to Mt. Everest except only more dangerous*.  Something clicked for me today.  I want to do more marketing with a vengeance!   Thank you Tommy Toth for a great reception at Bliss Spa. Bliss is what you would call an urban day spa. You go in, get rubbed down and then you are on your way. It's not one of those meander through the rotunda and traipse through the pergola kind of places. I did bring the MAN BAG even though it is not ready. I just felt like it was time. Tommy liked it!

Dig the green grass floor tile in the showers @ Bliss.

Next pedi for me has to be at Bliss. Look how they hold their nail polish bottles!
Next stop was Valley Ho in Scottsdale. This place was built in 1954 and just went through a major addition and remodel. I was just taking a tour today.

Main entry where I met the lovely Judy Kabler.  This place left a sunny impression on me. They had Rat Pack hats in their boutique! I would love to do a signature bag for this place.

Yes, that is a sheep in the lobby of Mondrian Hotel. 

I ended my day by checking out the Polo store front at the Biltmore.   Love the simplicity of the wood crates.


The take away from today is that I need to start on a clutch.  Something that is a smaller price range.  Yes, this clutch above is nacho cheesy but it is something I can rip apart and alter. Carlena at the W Hotel said she would like to talk if I have a clutch to show her. How hard could that be?

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