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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Clutch Makes Me Want to Wear Gloves

Hi baby!

Today's inspirational journey comes from a place called Antique Treasures & Collectibles in Glendale, Arizona.  Aunt Jan and I  hit the road with one mission: to find some cool vintage clutches.

I was impressed with their inventory.  The only clutches that I bought were waiting in the locked glass case.  The case was the last thing we looked at. I think we spent two and half hours among cookie jars shaped as buddha, McDonalds, Quaker Oatmeal and a sweet clown face. I think I will be going back for the vintage clown face.  Do you have a cookie jar? What does yours look like?

My fingers still smell like I've been playing in grandma's jewelry box. I bought this crotchet apron. I am thinking it could be fabulous over a pencil skirt or some silver tights. You can borrow it if you want!

Vintage thread spools are in a class of their own. The class is called WAY COOL.

Why go through the effort of writing "your"?  Poor Paw looks like he's been hit with this cup too many times. Git a life Ma!

Ok, glass case time. This hottie is vintage 1950 and has the lucite handle.  The clear vinyl has gold thread embroidery. I might have to go back for this one too.

Cousin clutchy.  Yeah we be cool livin' in the glass case!

This is my hot purchase.  Do you love the 1950's gloves with tiny patent leather bows!  The bag is 1950 vintage Whiting and Davis Co.  Now I am inspired to do some chain mail bags. Oooooh I feel some cool direction here. 

Alumesh up close. I wish I had a bed douvet cover of Alumesh then I could roll around on it and eat cherry jello.  Do you just want to eat this up?!

Second clutch purchase. OK, also a neighbor in the glass case. I caved for the gold metal latch, electric blue color and the name "After Five".  I like how the chain is short. This clutch makes me want to wear gloves, swing my purse as I walk and smoke cloves.  Don't worry mom!

I can only use this one after five I guess. 


thegirlhassparke said...

Oh i love vintage shopping very jealous. The clutches you bought are gorgeous, i especially love the first one!

pip a la chic said...

I love the electric blue one! Very nice. thanks for the comments to, your blog is awesome!