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Thursday, January 21, 2010


It rained seriously all day today. Soon we will build an ark and float away to LA *specifically Pico Blvd.* and go to Mood Fabrics.  The red skirt turned into a hot mess today. I tried and tried to work with this cheap ass fabric that I shouldn't have bought from craftling emporium. Lesson learned, NEVER SEW ANYTHING WITH CHEAP FABRIC!

This is my cover stitch serger. This thing does the double stitch that is probably on the very edge of your shirt that you are wearing right now. Pretty much an industry standard - double stitch with serger on the other side. I actually could never find the instruction manuel since day one. For the last year I have been sewing tons of projects by just guessing around. Well I finally ordered the manuel and started cracking up over what I didn't know.  Hmmm what is that knob for oh - don't need that.  Turns out this machine can do a whole lot of cool stuff. 

My sergers. The one on the left does all the plain serging. If you look inside your clothing you will see a chain stitch. Most garments have that so your clothing doesn't competely unravel and leave you naked while at an important meeting.

I will call in some red knit fabric from Christine Jonson tomorrow and have it overnighted.  Christine and I are total buds and she sells the nicest knits.  This skirt has to be something wearable.  We must continue on you know! Also I have a Spa tour at Bliss in Scottsdale tomorrow. This is going to be really cool I think. I am watching Project Runway tonight too.  Tim Gunn Rocks! I love you MAN! MAKE IT WORK!

Theme music for tonight is dunna cha cha dunna cha cha dunna cha cha. Eva is taking the credit for this.

Eva -La

Lily - nice Fruit Loop necklace.

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Molly Gertenbach said...

awwww... that's such a shame about the fabric being to cheap to work with. Its so horrible when that happens.