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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cutoffs in January

This is my favorite hair - when it is kinda greasy and flat. I can't stand my hair after I blow dry it, it is like that popcorn you cook in that foil pan over an open fire. I love my bed hair.  This jacket is from one of my favorite fashion couture junkies Cindy White, owner of Cici Biance right here is Arizona.  I traded 4 Minnie Jeanne bags for this jacket. This jacket is for ones who have the dough - you know!  I paired it with a Cosabella green tank, Joes jeans *which I butchered just before the photo shoot* , Wolford hosery and Paul Green mary janes.

My skin was doing nice yesterday. I didn't photo shop these at all!  I wore this outfit to H&R to pick up some fabric and go to Sprouts.  I did get some response from some perpetually smiling craftlings at Joanne Sewing store.  I think I will stitch the bottom of these cutoffs so they don't completely unravel by summertime.

My inspiration. I want those boots! Ok I want the top too!

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