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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Date with Ralph

Ok now this is love. I went to the Biltmore Fashion Park last night and cruised the Polo Store. The best thing in that honey of a shop was the silver grommet detail on this bag. I like it because it can be used so many ways. It can be a plaque front and center, detail on zipper pull or attachment for the strap. My mind is booting up.  I topped it off by going to Borders and sitting on the floor in the Fashion isle all by my lonesome. I opened the Ralph Lauren book which is so big I could make a coffee table out of it to put my books on. Short man's syndrome.  I love Ralph, he is a genius.  I never realized that he designed the clothing for Robert Redford in the Great Gatsby.  He took the man's suit in the 70's and tailored the hell out of it. He thinks women look sexier in a suit than a dress, I have to disagree there. I am so done with suits. I mean DONE!

The Silver Surfer. After paying 50 bucks to use the Marvel website I feel I have to actually use it now. I need a super heroe just to help me navigate it. I am not finding any anime on it. Nothing cute. Just crime stopping Cowgirls from Hell, Punishers blah blah blah. I guess this site will be good for color combinations.

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