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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tracks to Run On

Hi there! Here is my color pile o' inspiration for my SAM HARVEY Spring Collection. Now that the blouse is done*aren't you glad*, I can move on to other things - like look at my daytimer and scratch in something that makes me feel important.

So the top is nailed.  Now I am working on the red pencil knit skirt as shown above. I have chosen the vinyl colors for the Spring Collection.

This is the MAN BAG.  I will be making this bag in the same faded black by popular demand of course but also in a brown vinyl too.

Doesn't the brown look like something Bert would carry around on his way to see Mary! I will modernize it a bit with the black webbing handles.  Custom hardware with SAM HARVEY is being ordered as well for these bags.
I am ordering this blue vinyl *looks mo betta in person* and orange vinyl for piping trim for the women's zipper bags.   Same size and design as the men's but different hardware and colors.

I need some tracks to run on, as Sandy Kolberg my business advisor always says.   I have been focusing on minute details and kind of forgot the big picture.  I do have a quarterly goal of securing 10 resorts spas to carry SAM HARVEY by March 10 2010. I am kind of scared of making this commitment.

But then again it's not like I have to climb K2 Karakoram Mountain range against my will or anything. I mean come on already - all I have to do is show up to some appointments at some of the most gorgeous resorts in the world.  I can easily do 10 by March don't you think? If I just shut my yapper for a little and listen to what they have to say all will go smooth.

What if this guy showed up at the K2 base camp wearing this jacket?!!! 

This is Lily our contributing artist.  Why does MLK look like a hot pototoe with a hair piece?
Lily said that Martin L. King had kissy lips and one blue ear. In honor of  MLK be nice to people.

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thegirlhassparke said...

I think the pencil skirt will look wonderful! I would happily come along to the resorts with you. Just remember to take some time to relax.