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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crisp Cap Sleeves

I could have posted hours ago but NO, I had to finish the blouse you know. I couldn't stop. You will notice the photos get darker and darker. Right now it is pouring down rain which is a blessing here on this remote desert mountain. Here I am working on the crisp sleeves that took hours to figure out!

I was going for McQueen sleeves as you probably remember. Well I didn't even know where to begin.  Course I stalled as long as I could.
I draped some big ol' sleeve there and just wondered how it would magically happen.
 The one above is what I thought it would take. The smaller piece is what I ended up with. I hacked that sleeve down to nothing.

Right about now is when I thought you would want to see my sweet thread collection. This is not even all of it.

This is the final sleeve before I turn it inside out. I cut off as much material as I can so I can have sharp corners MAN.  I am so *fill in the blank*!

This was after about 3 hours. I love how the sleeve is only covering half the hole. Lady Ga Ga will be calling tomorrow for this one.

Notice how it is night time now. I could have just stopped there but NO.   I tackled the zipper in the back which came out crooked first. I ripped it out and put it back in.  Then I finished the bottom edge.

The zipper is orange babies!  You can't really tell becuase it is invisible but hey, I know it! I still have some hand sewing to do to tack down some fly away edges of course.  From the back it reminds me of serving burgers to someones car window wearing roller skates.  I love how it came out. I have never seen anything like it. It is refreshing.

I had to try it on of course at 9:30PM at night. I could have flat ironed my hair too but I didn't take it that far. I know the ties are a bit too long. Better too long than - well you know...


CiciBianca said...

Fabulous Lara - I love it!!!

Ditte said...

Oh I love the back! And it fits you really well.. Good job, wish I could sow that well.

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thanks Cindy! Your approval means avalanches of encouragement for me. Makes me feel all the more dangerous too! Heeeeee Heeeee...

Ditte, thanks for visiting! Keep sewing if you know how. I have been at it for years and just broke down and asked for some one on one teaching about 3 years ago. Now I am dangerous!

Fashion fletcher said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog! Thank You, that was so nice! I am learning to sew now. I got a machine for Christmas and I have sketches upon sketches and they have yet to come alive like yours! :/ I love that blouse! It looks really beautiful! Keep it up! The orange adds a cheery mood to the blouse! :)

Katie said...

really beautiful! i wish i could sew!

dazed said...

so jealous of your skills!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

For those that want to sew... Just start sewing. When you screw up don't let it stop you. Ask somebody who has done it before. Be patient with yourself. It won't be long before you can surprise yourself. You girls need to start making your own apparel lines. You have so much talent!