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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bag Design Updates

Goodmorning friends!

The completed prototype is still sitting proudly on my work table. I have been showing it to a lot of friends.  It does need some refinement though. Since the logo complete, I can send it to AIS (this company does custom hardware for all the big bag designers) so they can custom make buckles, clips and zipper pulls.  I want the name SAM HARVEY set in the metal. I am really stoked about getting custom hardware.  I also changed the pattern pieces in Autocad yesterday.  The first prototype is caverness and hard to reach the bottom since the zipper only opens so wide. I am making the body 2 inches longer and then taking away 1" from the height of the bag. So far I really like what the bag is going to look like.  Should take about 3 weeks for the hardware to be ready, so they say.  Yesterday I also found a new vinyl for the MAN BAG. It is a surprise.

Janet my sewer came over yesterday and we talked about doing a different type of handle for the bags.  The handle is going to be this heavy fringe in black. We can do custom colors later but for now it is black.  We had to put this monkey tail looking fringe through the Bernina to see if we could even sew over it. We can!  I also want AIS to make a custom plaque for the quilted bag.

I owe this genius trim to Sherrie. She is the greatest! I am going to visit her today to chat and find some blue silk interior for my Mary Poppins inspired Minnie Jeanne bag.  Oh, I didn't tell you about the quarterly theme hmmmm.  Well you know Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies probably becuase it makes me happy. I also love turn of the century Victorian fashion in day glow colors.

I love her pink shoes.  I have to order the vinyls for the MAN BAG and the MARY bag.  The MARY bag will be the same size as the MAN BAG but with brass hardware and of couse Mary Poppins colors.  I have to have some surprises. I can't tell you everything. When I get the vinyls, I will post.

Here is the interior fabric for the MARY bag. Doesn't it look like her!  I will use this floral for the outside of the Minnie Jeanne quilted bag. Mom wants the first one. She is on her way to Texas next week to see the real "Minnie", my grandmother!

I must get ready. I will be in Phoenix all day visiting with my Townies! Did I tell you I have a meeting at InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa today?  I am meeting with Sabrina the Spa Director about doing a custom Spa bag for Joya Spa. I took a tour through the place about a month ago and it is drop dead gorgeous.  Hugs.

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