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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ready to Start Cutting

Well I managed to dodge the 4 hour drive to learn how to cook raw breakfast and desserts with mom.  This raw vegan chef *who i forced a honkin piece of meatloaf on* is teaching a class today.  I am not in the mood to listen to how the govt. is trying to kill us all and her way is the only way to salvation.  It would have been cool *yeah right* but my head cannot take anymore inspiration right now. Some people ask if I sleep at night.  I am a spin meister what can I say.  Yes, I am all over the place and that's how I like it!

I studied my friend Toulouse- Lautrec yesterday and he said don't get too costumy with the Mary Poppins.  He said to keep it chaulking and sketchy. Whatever that means.  The last thing I want is some lacy ribbon crap Victorian repeat. I will do it my way. I do love the way the pink crenaline peaks out of the kick up.  MMMMMMM.

I have a pattern for a Gibson Girl blouse. When I first bought it I was so scared I hid it in a hole in the desert. I am thinking doing this top in a pink *surprise* and then a red knit skirt.  I love my knit patterns, they are so easy.  I want a vintage black umbrella to go with it. I think I am ready to start cutting.

This is our contributing artist Lily! This is for who ever is having a birthday today! You are so lucky.

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