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Monday, January 4, 2010

34 Trunk Fresh

Lily is 6 and Eva is 9. These are my girls and they compliment one another perfectly. Look at Eva my big girl who is in control. She is a true leader. She leads silently. She can see bullshit from a mile away. Eva won't roll the dice with you if she thinks you are insincere. Lily is my organizer.  She likes to use adult words like "seriously". She says whats on her mind. She doesn't give a rip what you think about it either.
This is Lily's night stand where she organizes her favorite friends.  I like the color combinations. She is so smart, last night she placed metallic elephant in the mix to add some bling.  The red, green, spotted dalmation are working for me.

Giraffe catching some shade under the umbrella. The polly pocket car with chunks of glitter on it.  Zebra bank is just saying "We are Lily's favorite toys, if you touch us well - I MUST BREAK YOU!".
Batty is governing any donations having to do with the land of Isreal.  The green rig is fresh too!
34 Trunk Fresh is the name for my Indie Rock cut.  Lily found the bunny and dalmation behind the dresser.  Don't you love when you move a piece of furniture and find some treasures?

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