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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I had 2 cups of PG Tips today and so I will annoy the hell out of you!   I put my computer nerd helmet on and created my own font yesterday. Isn't it TIGHT! I love the "E". I could live inside the "E".   The panther, tuxedo whatever logo is totally out. The name is enough already. Yesterday when I was picking up the girls from school, I saw my little grade school friend Jake riding his Razor home (I also out ran him playing football at is b-party at the park last year) and he had a Under Armour shirt on with that logo in the center. Everyone is wearing that logo thing. It is over done.  Nuff said.

Look what I found in my frig today. OH Lil!!!!!!

Fierce color combination. I wanted to look as bright as I could yesterday to confuse my opponent. All they saw was a flash of color. Top is Under Armour (Jake would be proud), Nike skirt and of course Babolat racket.


Sherrie said...

Font is tight! I'm digging on the S E and Y. PG Tips??

Sam Harvey said...

pg tips is a british tea. you can buy it at world market.