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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Here is my goal board. I still have some of the photos from 2009.  Bulgari photo which is a representation of the family dynasty that still holds true. I love Bulgari and how they have kept the business of doing high quality jewelry for many generations and their reputation is hard! 

Still have the photo of the USA with a mess of flight paths all over it. Yes, i want to travel all over and make contacts all over the globe. I have my ISPA badge becuase I want to be a vendor at ISPA in 2010.  I added the 13 year old Tavi to the board just last weekend. She is my inspiration for 2010.  Her Style Rooke blog rocks .  She is so true to herself. Still have the photo of the warehouse full of boxes that have my bags ready to be shipped all over the world baby - OH YEAH!
I keep this board on my bathroom counter. I will probably take everything off and put some fresh pics up. It is kinda dusty!

Another thing I do on a daily basis is have a rampage of appreciation. I have a word document that I type on pretty much everyday. I do this before I blog so my message is fresh. I looked at my rampage list for 2008 at this time and it was so short. I didn't have much going on. It  made me appreciate all that I did in 2009. It was definitely a year of taking photos, making bags and getting out of my comfort zone! I just gave myself a pat on the back.

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