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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow An' Easy

Hi there! Cherry jello and tennis. I am ready now.  This is what I wore to The Phoenician Resort and the Arizona Biltmore today. I made the necklace, top, coat and the mountain behind me. 

This is the Arizona Biltmore entry.  That clever roof overhang is called a cantilever.  Now you can sleep at night.

They just completed this Grille addition. Pretty sweet grillage ay. Makes me want to have some pancakes.

Frank Lloyd Wright's garden nymph.

I am really leaving a lot out here. Hmmmmmm. Should I tell you or just keep it to myself.  It was a disappointing morning. The director at the Phoenician Spa told me that my quilted bags look too - this hurts deep - here goes - "old lady".  There it is.  She wants edgy.  At first I was pretty sad. I went back to my car and went to LGO. The hippest place to have lunch in Phoenix in my old lady making bag maker opinion.  I was in a haze even ordering my chicken salad wanna cry my way thru this day sandwhich. As I was opening my wallet and getting the cash out, I saw a little smile with glasses staring at me.

I thought of what Eva was doing. Thinking about her made me feel better. Then as I added a cappucino to the order I saw this group of girls that looked like super heroes.

I told them to dress like that everyday! I love the gold tights with blue super wonder cardi.  I was starting to feel even mo betta thinking about all those teens that have their style and don't give a rip about what anyone thinks. Everyone else in Pheonix looked so black and moral. Keep up the good work Phoenix Country Day girlies!

See, I really do drive up a hill when I go home to Estrella Mountain Ranch. I have a good 45 minutes in the car to chew on things.  I began to realize that I was ready to get edgy. I want to go to the edgy and make a killer cool bag. Next meeting I will be ready, palies.  I appreciate what that Spa Director had to say. At least she was straight up with me.  I have a kick ass bag in the works.  I am not waiting anymore for the sky to turn green, for the planets to align, for the hardware to come in. I am jumping in tomorrow morning.

White Snake, Slow An' Easy is the song for the day. I wanted something that was permed, cheesed and edgy. Thanks also to my tennis bud Dawn Delvecchio who thinks that I have the skills to pay the bills.

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