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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Will Take a Side of Raw Zipper, Please!

It started with a sketch.  I started my women's zipper bag yesterday while listening to Pizzicato Five. 

I wanted the straps to be Palace Blue so I layed it out with blue tape.  The color break down is Bordeaux, Palace Blue and Gold.  Here is a rule about color I learned from Leatrice Eiseman, America's color guru,  "...basic math of one dominant and one subordinate color - 75 percent or slightly more of one shade and 25 percent or less of another." This quote is taken from More Alive with Color, Eiseman. This book is like cliff notes for how to dress. 

I actually attempted to make the Palace Blue straps by darning the thread on a clear piece of vinyl. I do not recommend this unless you are trapped in a snow filled cave with nothing better to do.

Anyhoo, I think the Palace Blue straps would be over the 25% of pop of color factor.  They were booted off the island.  I played around with shapes for pockets and strap attachment until I found myself dancing to Latino Vibe hip hop station.  At this point I knew I had to pick it and stick it.

Look at what I used for the brass d-ring attachment!  I cut off the zipper tape and used it as my loop d loop.  Notice the Palace Blue thread to sew down the gold vinyl. What is going through your brain now!

This is where I ended up!  See how it is more interesting to have just 25% of a cool color with a predominantly 75% warm colored back drop?

Here is the random zipper placement that I just croon over moon for.  Comme des Garcon is so artful for doing this.  I added my Palace Blue zipper in a similar manner by showing the raw edges.  My zipper is actually useful though. Bonus.

Ok, I know you have to go.  Before you leave, check out this Jackson Pollock piece. It is called White Light, oil, enamel, and aluminum paint on canvas 48-1/4"x38-1/4", scanned from Jackson Pollock by Kirk Varnedoe.

This an example of using 75% and 25% rule of mixing color.  It would be kind of boring is he didn't use the yellow accent. What do you think? I love how he just squirted the paint right out of the tube! This is the raw zipper for me.  Hey, did you know that Pollock was from Phoenix.  Oh yeah! A little toe head from the valley of the sun.


pip a la chic said...

Loving the blue contrast looks like an awesome blue!

emily said...

very cool! the the tape idea is very clever...

Unknown said...

Love the blue touch! Your fabulously talented. I wish I had your skills!