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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Look Hot Wearing a Headband


This clip from The Owl and the Pussycat is another movie my Dad made me watch.  I remember being 9-ish and creeping out of my bed to spy on my Dad watching tv late at night. A couple nights he would let me stay up with him and watch a movie.  I remember how proud he was when there were funny parts. Like it was all worth the wait.  I think I just liked that I was staying up late with Dad.  I was part of the exclusive stay up late club with Dad.  Dad had a never ending stream of classic movies that I had to watch. This is definitely right up there with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, Cannery Row and Jaws to name a few of his favorites.

This movie is hilarious. Segal plays the part of a stuffy author and Streisand plays a prostitute that lives next door to him.  I love how Streisand makes Segal stay up all night because she can't sleep.  I forgot why, but she ends up at his apartment for the night and just drives him crazy.  I love when she says "Hey Tinka Bell!".  It reminds me how my friend Jenny and I love to annoy our friend Adam. People like Adam don't want you to know that they love the attention.

Head Band

Like my big o' tube socks.  The more old skool the betta!

Hot Mess

This is a hot mess that I found in my house yesterday. Why Eva decided to emty the entire craft cabinet is beyond me. It did need to get a clean out.  Oh and then to add a cool water color effect, Lily comes along and spills her water all over the colored paper.

Rock me like a HURRICANE, Scorpions- can we make that count?

We cannot have a post on "H" without Hermes.  It is pronounced like this, air-maize.  Not like hermit.

Hermes, Fall 2010,

This is just stunning.  The leather coat looks like it is made out of chocolate. The whole thing I could eat right up.  Jeffrey thinks I wouldn't wear the hat, but I would.  The orange is wonderful.  Orange as used soley as prison garb has come a long way, don't you think?  It is funny how this particular shade of orange mixed with this particular shade of brown means "I Win".

Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers t-shirt worn by Lily and I am having Hot Tea.  Double H's. Snaps for me.

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