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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey Wagner, cross my turquoise stick!

Did you know why Leatrice Eiseman and her team of color forecasters picked Turquoise for Color of the Year for 2010? Escapism, tropical islands, the need to fantasize over tranquil oceans in some remote island like Mauritius. I get it. I love you with all my being Lee, but I have to say that I don't have to escape to feel good. Makes me think of how I love to watch people laughing when looking at their phones.  Honestly, who can go to Mauritius right now?  Oh, you say so! Well buy me one of those Krishna statues in the tiny village after you get all tanned up on the powdered sugar beach.

Mediterranean Style, Catherine Haig

This is my window I have shut because I am taking a nap after getting so bronzed on the beach or would it be tall craggy cliffs in Myconos. Yeah, I dove into the ocean off the cliff and swam until I found the lost city of Atlantis with mossy stuff growing on all the caryatids and doric columns all broken and scattered.  After I woke up, I sat on these here white steps and painted a water color and drank really strong black tea with loads of sugar.  Did I mention how tan I am.  I would be wearing this...

Textile View Magazine Issue 89

You thought I was going to show some turquoise shiny thing from Alexander Mcqueen didn't you. That would be way too predictable.  I want to wear the John Deer hat in Myconos. I knew you were having trouble getting to sleep tonight so I decided to show you the complete Jamboree look with those gosh golly yellow pants I am so hungry for.  Those shoes - help me - so right. The pink, I just got up from singing around the camp fire socks too.  Let us stick out like a sore knee cap already in the Greece Islands or Mauritius.

Textile View Magazine Issue 89
Big finish. Fishing lures and band aid knee caps. Stunner.

I encountered turquoise escapism today.   Lily, Eva and I were driving to pick up pizza while listening to Rise of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner...

As I am driving this turquoise foam stick thing starts moving past my peripheral vision and starts to adjust my rear view mirror.  This is what Lily insisted on bringing with her to pick up pizza! The crazy thing is that this is normal for us.  At first I was a mom being annoyed but then with the song and Lily chanting that "We are going to save the world!", I just started cracking up.


Devon said...

Is that a pool noodle?? :)

I love the turquoise... can't wait to see what all you come up with!!

Darbla. said...

I love Greece. :D And I may be wrong but that looks an awful lot like D-Squared.

Pool noodle!

Anonymous said...

love all this inspiration
you have an awesome blog
keep it going! its great source of inspiration
thanks for sharing as always darling!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love the painting of the window. Beautiful.