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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tunic Talent Park

Photo by Eva Serbin

So we are waiting for tiramisu at Grazie in Verrado, Arizona for our spur of the moment girls night out and Lily says to me and Eva, "We are going to the talent park.  Daddy has talent, I have talent, Eva has talent, but you mommy have to stay in the car because you have no talent. 

Here I am at about 6PM ish in my back yard in my tunic and pencil skirt as promised.  I hope you are not a unick, if so, you might not like the tunic.  Hey! Don't you be rippin' on the crenallation on my house. It is not as cheesed as Gerard's penthouse in this months Architectural Digest. Please help us all on that one. 

Remember back during Virtual Maui Vacation I started sewing this tunic on the virtual beach. I cut this Palace Blue gorgeous silk out and then jumped off the floating raft thing into the clear water.

I cut out Spring Bouquet after Gerard asked me over to his cheesy Roman make-shift cabana and I turned him so down.  Hey, don't tell anyone but I kind of screwed up on cutting and I ran out of the blue silk and that is why my tunic has green in it. I think it was for the better though.  Remember that my gorgeous Aunt Rita bought this silk in Thailand? Remember that these are my signature colors from Leatrice Eiseman's More Alive with Color fanguide.  These colors combined makes me feel like I could rocket myself to the moon!  Why am I not sleeping?

This is the inside of the tunic.  The reason it has so much refined structure is because of the batiste cotton lining that I used.  I hand sewed down the seams inside so it looks major smooth on the outside.  The lining provides structure, so over time my clothes won't look shlumpy after 5 years.  Also, the lining gives me something to sew the seams down on.

This is the best pencil skirt I have made yet.  This brown ribbon is on the inside of the waist band. It has a little rubber band so that the skirt doesn't move around on me. This is why I am obsessed with sewing and designing because you can do cool things like this.  Knowing what I know about clothes, it is sad to see some of our favorite mail order clothing companies skimp on basic things like thread count of a simple tee shirt. You know who I am talking about too. Scandalous!

These are the earrings I am wearing with the tunic. I bought these a million years ago when Jeffrey and I were dating and in San Francisco. They were buckoo expensive for me to buy back then.  Jeffrey was there probably thinking - "What in the hell did I get myself into?".  They are gorgeous but hurt like a mother &*((99@@!  But I will keep them forever.  That blurry white thing in the photo is Lily blowing bubbles.

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Silvia Couture said...

Very smart to put that rubber band in there! Following you now..