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Monday, May 3, 2010

I Love Justin Bieber!

Yes, I own one. Black.

I ordered this book by Thomas O'Brian called American Modern. I heard him this weekend on NPR talking with Lynne Rossetto Kasper on the radio show, The Splendid table. Well I thought it was pretty timely that Thomas was talking about how he designed the ideal kitchen island.  I was excited because he said the island should be really long and low enough to bring bar stools to.  He talked about how he is always late with dinner because people always hang out at his island.  Not like my kitchen island that sucks because it needs deeper overhangs.  Kitchen islands that your knees knock into when you are sitting, just suck. I need to design my own house friends.  I want to design a knock out kitchen for Iglesias *hey another "I" word* our new potential almost signed on client that wants a new house. Remember the bubble diagram? I am so going to rock his kitchen. I can't wait to get this book. I will share. You know I will!


Teenage girls with teased hair so high and stiff that it formed a mushroom cloudish hair object.  Neon glowing bracelets stacked along a youngish tanned arm being admired by a swarm of tweens.  Staggered benches that prevent them from rolling free in this brightly lit hall that smelled like pickles.  Dirty shoes and flip flops tucked underneath the bright formica curved benches with loose socks straggling in the circulation paths.   Young black teens whizzing by with large black and white checked shirts covering up low slung crotch denim jeans that were died indigo.  Speedsters weaving and curving by one another, while others slowly glided by moving in the flow of the current.  This is imagery from last Saturday night when I dragged my family to Rollero Skating Rink in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was so much fun skating with these kids.  I think I said "Jesus Christ" really loud when some girl almost brought me down and then she came back around, put her hand on my arm and said something like "You can't cuss here lady!".   Since last Friday, I have been to 3 roller rinks.

Justin Bieber and Ludacris. This song made me run out onto the rink and skate like a maniac.  I haven't changed since the time I was 10 and getting whistled at to slow down on the roller rink.  By the way, Bieber, you done good by having a swagger coach.  I thought this was a girl singing this at first.  I hate to admit that I am a Bieber fan. Gawd, maybe I can change his diapers.  I think Eva thinks she has a crazy mommy. It's cool.

That would be me.

Indigo Checks

View 2, page 109

Buy more indigo checks if you want to look nice.  Vichy, gingham, and graph paper looks all based on indigo blue sweep through shirt collection at all levels of the market in 2010.


View 2, page 91

Why do we treasure things from the past? It's not because they are badly made and ugly to look at , is it? We associate the past with good craftsmanship, true ideals and quality materials.  Icons are in.  This concept and analysis is by HST Creative

If I could pick any place in Arizona to design my house it would be any lot on Invergordon in Paradise Valley. I would be about 15 minutes away from everything and still have the feeling that I am living in the natural desert. I must say it is great living out in the fringes in Goodyear because there is no air pollution.  Sometimes I feel so isolated though.  Maybe it's good for my creative thought process.

Ice Crystals

View 2, Page 153. The Day After Tomorrow, Ice Crystals insiration


Speaking of income, I sold tons of bags this Saturday.  I will admit to you that I had a booth at the Goodyear Farmer's Market.  As of right now, I decided it was the next best thing to do.  I mean with a booth fee of $10.00 and everyone just getting their tax returns and Mother's Day. Why not?!  Can I tell you how great it felt to sell my bags and meet new people.  It was just me and my bags.  I have a friend named Hallie that sells the most amazing Apple Butter that is my booth mate.  She and I gave each other testimonials and helped each other out.  I signed up for next year too.  I love telling people that the bags are made in Goodyear.  I am inspired to come up with a messenger type of bag next. Still waiting on the hardware too.

All you bloggers out there totally inspire me.  I really didn't want to blog today but after reading my favorite blogs, I was inspired to do my part and be consistant with that which I set out to do. BLOG.

Imagine what will become of this Invisible Girl failed lycra dress. This thing did not turn out my friends. Best thing for it is the trash ole'. Buh Bye!  Will somebody find this half finished hot mess and make a tent out of it. Maybe use it to wash their Camero? Sham Wow!

You have been so quiet. What inspires you that starts with the letter "I"? Huh?


Nen said...

wow... "I" is a tough one... you brought it to life!

congrats on selling your bags at the Farmer's Market!

Teresa said...

OMG, I thought Justin Bieber was a girl too when I first saw one of his videos! I'm a little too old (ok, way too old) to be into him, but I must admit that he makes a very cute girl and this video is aaiight.

pip a la chic said...

Bieber fever hey! It was mental here in Australia when he was here.