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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking at the World Thru Gucci Glasses

Gucci Aviator Glasses, 

Did you come up with some G words for today?  I did. Totally random groups of things. Let's see how it will fit together.  These aviators are so sweet and nerdy. I would look totally intimidating on the tennis courts with these.

Benny Goodman playing Moon Glow

This song makes me think of having breakfast in Kathy Ireland's kitchen in Santa Barbara eating cut up bananas and other healthy shit off of Fiestaware.  But she would be gone for the weekend and leave the house to me.   Oh, now the song is getting all jivy and crazy. Now Benny and I are chasing seagulls on the beach. I am using his clarinet as a shovel to dig a sand castle.  Now he is chasing me.  His toupee just blew away into the ocean.  He is really crazy and sun burnt chasing me. Oh, I just jumped into the waves and he can't swim.  So I am doing some body surfing and really loving it. The end. Goodbye. 


G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

Benny Goodman is wearing this fish print suit as he is chasing me on the beach and totally sun burnt.  Can you feel the hype. If you are a man reading this, aren't you glad you know me so you can run out and buy this?  I'm just wanting my friends to keep up.

G-Star, Marla Boer, Spring 2010

Maybe this is more your level?  The shoes are just right!  Looks like a dapper pair of bowling shoes hmmmm? The least you could do is to tuck your socks into the pant leg.  Or you could tuck your pant leg into your socks. I think I must zoom into that smoldering hot sports coaty.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

This jacket looks blue and metallic. I think the detailing is fantastic. It is weathered but not too overly obvious to the point of looking cheap. 

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

I love denim.  I am not even going to say bolero.  Bolero jacket, that word needs to go into the vault.  How about munchee jacket.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010,

This is the first dropped crotch that I would wear. Very cool indeed.  Love all this blue.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

Antoni Gaudi

Detail of Staircase, wrought iron, Antoni Gaudi, Ediciones Poligrafa

Gaudi was an architect and artist from Spain.  He had a father that was a coppersmith who inspired him to think in 3 dimensions at a young age.

Antoni Gaudi, Ediciones Poligrafa, Casa Batllo,

It amazes me that this home was designed by Gaudi in 1904! I can only imagine what Edith Wharton would think?  Talk about your tiled roofs.  I need to see this. I am surrounded by boring hum drum pre manufactured tiled roofs here in this desert climate. It is like designers have forgotten to rethink a tiled roof. 

Here is my sketch from yesterdays kickoff meeting to design a new house for one of our neighbors.


It felt so good to be thinking of spaces to design. I just started bubbling while Jeffrey and I were listening to our future clients fantasize about what they wanted.  This is called a bubble diagram.  Way to early to start designing but this is how I synthesis what they are saying.

Gosh, these gumdrops are good.


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you are on a roll!!!

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Ooh, I've been to that house that Gaudi designed, and the big cathedral (Sagrada Familia?). They are both out of this world - like something from a dream - so amazing.