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Monday, April 5, 2010

As Long As I Am Here

The Sanctuary Resort and Spa show last Friday was more incredible than I could have imagined.  I saw Robert Vance, the Spa Director first off when I arrived and he gave me the choice to set up my collection outside in the courtyard or inside the boutique. I chose the boutique because of lighting.  I was blown away by how accomodating the staff was with letting me use their beautiful displays to arrange the SAM HARVEY bags. Don't they look amazing!

This was a proud moment!  I don't feel intimidated by this boutique anymore. I have a better understanding now.

This Arizona Spa Girls event was hosted by Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  It was an event to promote Sanctuary Spa and build community awareness for new products such as SAM HARVEY, raise money for charities such as Fresh Start Women's Foundation and meet new people.  Food, cocktails and mini spa samplings were available and about 150 patrons attended. I had two martinis that tasted like bubble gum!

Here is the Sanctuary Spa bag designed by Robert and I last summer.   Here the bag is raising donations at the silent auction for Fresh Start Women's Foundation.  Another proud moment!

It was great exposure for Sam Harvey! I met some influential people in the local Spa community and I learned a little retail lesson from Stephanie Stillman, Spa Boutique Supervisor.  Stephanie was so candy sweet to the guests as they flowed into the store.  She greeted each one like she was Giselle, the animated princess from the Disney movie Enchanted.  The first couple of hours were like scrubbing toilets you know.  You don't want to do it. I knew I had to make a presence. I didn't want to be dragging people over to see my bags.  By watching Stephanie I just relaxed and started conversations with people. It was really cool hanging in the back of the boutique and just getting reactions from people over the bags. One women literally fell off her noodle over the new clutches.  I loved that one. I am keeping that one. 

I noticed that women like approval from other women when they are shopping.  I can't relate to this style of shopping because I like to shop alone. I see what I want, I buy it and then I leave. It is that simple for me. I don't think about it ever. I don't enjoy comparing and analyzing my object too much.  I just buy it. 

As long a I am here, I might as well enjoy myself!  You can thank me later for sticking this song in your head.

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vickileestyle said...

awesome bags! and i love enchanted! it's such a cute film.