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Monday, April 12, 2010

Home on the Range

Photo by Eva Serbin

This is where I was sitting a couple of hours ago. I am still feeling the prickly bundle of fresh cut hay. This is Buckeye, Arizona.  A few minutes down the hill from where I live in Goodyear, Arizona.  Eva and I were driving around the country rodes trying to find a good photo shoot location for my Camping Jamboree look. 

Outfit details: Body Armor camo top with logo covered up with my sewing abilities, Joe's Jeans cut offs, Cabela's ball cap with 3 choice fishing lures, Robert Clergerie wood platforms from Paris and SAM HARVEY blue metallic clutch Yes, I designed and made the clutch with my own hands and I have more, hint, hint ehhh hemmm, hint.

Photo by Eva Serbin

Eva and I found a remote site with abandoned farm houses including an outhouse. I was considering getting out for the photos but I didn't have my concealed weapon on me, so I decided to get back in the car and keep looking.  The broken windows and old couch just gave me the creeps. Eva was like..."And why would you want to take a photo here?".

Photo by Eva Serbin

This is an abandoned cow farm. The industrial fencing where Bessie used to squeeze her head through to feed on the hay was a perfect location.  In a sick way I missed the cow shit smell though.  Last year, if the wind was blowing in the right direction I could hear and smell the cows from my house.

Photo by Eva Serbin


Photo by Eva Serbin

Let me tell you how handy this clutch is when I visit the cow farm. 

The girls have the front door wide open right now and a moth the size of my fist just flew in my house.  He is happy now that he found the light to look at.  Why do they kill themselves with the light. I  must look into the light. I must. I must. I must. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have looked into the light for so long. Ouchy.


Leah! said...

That came out really well! The hat is a great touch

pip a la chic said...

you look so cute hanging off the fence :)

Sam Harvey said...

It blows my mind to know that there are great photo back drops in my own hood! My Eva is 9 years old and such a great photographer! Hi Ian an pip a la chic. You make me smile!

Devon said...

pretty nice that you have your own personal photographer!! :)

Micaela said...

i love those heels and your CUTE attire!!!!

and arizona...

my brother lives in phoenix and home is Texas for me... this reminds me of home.