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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Dad Had a Friend Named Craig

You must be catching on by now. Yes, I am using the A, B, C's to kind of get me to stop watching my cookies bake. It is working. I guess these things work in 3's because today is the third day of thinking of things to get my mind off the other crap for a while.  I was cleaning some old files in my personal file cabinet and thumbed past a hanging file with no tab on it. I recognized it as the "Dad" file.  In it, is the only thing left that he wrote. I threw everything else out when he died because it was crap.  This however I have never sat down and read all the way.  I just intuitively knew it was a keeper. Look what Dad wrote in the introduction.

As I thumb through this book, I realize what a extremely sensitive soul my Dad was.  I especially love how Dad had a friend that he did crazy shit with like go to In n Out Burger and sit in the parking lot and belch out their car window for all to hear and then crack up. Here is a sample for you from "Here's to Next Time" by Robert Nep, my Dad.

"Man, would you just check that smell!" He groaned. Not another word was spoken for about five minutes. All that could be heard was the crumbling of waxed paper and the crunching of french fries. Together with the sounds of swallowing and slurping milk, the efforts of the gum commercial on the radio didn't stand a chance.  Craig nearly swallowed his first two cheeseburgers whole. Now, on his third, he took his time and savored every morsel. He slowed down his voracious tearing and chewing long enough to say, "Gawd, I needed this."  A well eaten meal found us slouched in the seats, groaning and holding our stomachs. We put the oily papers and soiled napkins in the box and sat contentedly, listening to the radio.

My Dad's best friend, Craig 1966

Robert Nep, my Dad in 1966

 I am ready now. Probably becuase I am writing more.  Looking for new material you know.  My Dad really could write.  I like this story becuase he wrote in 1966 before I was born and it is all type written. He has little neat corrections in the margins.  After steaming ahead already at chapter 2 I am hooked. It is a tale of his last midnight run with his friend Craig before they were both parting their ways for college and Air Force.  Now I know why I like Super Bad the movie so much. My dad was super bad!  To imagine that at that time drive thru windows were a novelty.  Why did they drink milk with their burgers? Sounds nasty.

I know I am reaching on this one but I can talk about Dad's story because his friend's name starts with the letter C.

On with the C's for today's post. Hell, if the A, B, C thing is working then milk it!  The jobs are pouring in.

Cannery Row
Crayola Chalk Art

It was too quiet yesterday in the house so I went to look for the girls and I could hear giggling outside Lily's window.  This is what they were doing. They totally didn't know I took this photo.

Lily in her new bike helmet.


The Book, Neiman Marcus, page 24, Chanel

I love the chunky clogs. Totally prone to make you fall on your ass and break your ankle but hey, they are nice to look at!



Textile View2 Magazine Issue 07

I love how this color palette was derived from the colors of a bee hive. That's really using the waxer.

Chambray Shirts

Textile View2 Magazine Issue 07

Just tell me who wouldn't want to wear soft chambray everyday? Especially when you are going on Midnight Run with Craig. Gawd, this crap is starting to tie together. Look.

Christian Dior


 The Clash

The video didn't paste, but you get the idea...

I think The Clash spirit was probably what my Dad was feeling on aMidnight Run with Craig. Away from responsibilities and parents.


Captain Marvel


Chronicles of Narnia





Cup Cakes

Colorful Chairs

Photo by Lara


Check out my swatches for my coat! I am going with the bright white! I am so stoked! It is so pretty, I cannot imagine adding big military pockets on the jacket. We shall see.

Textile View2 Magazine Issue 08

Here are my two favorite coats, Louis Vouitton and Burberry.

Whenever you think of something good, well write it down.  Use lipstick.


jeff said...

C c c c c c cool!

Sam Harvey said...

Curiously cute.

Cici Bianca said...

Too cool...

trishie said...

Love the chalk art, so cute!

Devon said...

Is the book complete??

Love the pics of the chalk art! FUN!

Leah! said...

Chambray is the best thing about spring!

Also, your dad's friend looks like he was a baller back in the day! Awesome look

Sam Harvey said...

Yes, my Dad's book is quite complete. I read another chapter last night before bed. If you like I will somehow add an excerpt in today's posting of where I am in Midnight Run and letter D. How about that. It could be a running 1966 chronicle until I find myself at Z. Thank you for your comments!

Sherrie said...

C - Chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate?

Sam Harvey said...

comfortable crustaceans.