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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raise Your Hand if You Like D


All things that inspire me that start with das D.

Disney's Incredibles, Edna Mode

Lara Mode



Diane von Furstenberg


Darth Vader

Digital Camera

Deep Purple
Villa d'Este

Dropped Crotch Pants

Discreet Frills


Textile View Magazine Issue 89, page 148. Robert Rowland, photo.

David Shah the genius behind View says Doily is just one of the fabrics to look to for Summer 2011 for womenswear.    "Out goes Haute-rock biker jackets, studs, 9 inch heels and aggressive hard line backs for an altogether softer approach to womenswear spearheaded by pastels, liquid fabrics, drape and sheerest of sheers." - David Shah 

Dew Drops

Summer 2011: Ease Makes for Freshness, Textile View Magazine Issue 89

Dew Drops as a color grouping inspired this whole post.  David Shah references minimalised Bauhaus looks.  I decided to dust off my Bauhaus book by Fiedler and Feierabend to get inspired on my Costco Medieval castle rug.  Shah must have been reaching to think that Dew Drops is Bauhaus.  Yes, Bauhaus is minimal but it also has a lot of color!  Maybe he was thinking of the white box looking buildings that came out of that vein of thought.  No I am not showing examples of Le Corbusier's white box architecture.  That could be another post.  I do like the idea of toning down my closet.  I am ready for more whites.

Villa Savoye, Poissy, Le Corbusier Ideas and Forms

You made me do it! You just had to see Le Corbusier. You are such a pusher!  Now you can sleep well tonight knowing how the color palette Dew Drops fits with Bauhaus.  My architecture professors literally drilled a section of our brains open and dropped this house in it for us to worship for all. time. I do like how the columns line up with the window mullions. Don't you love too how the size of the mullions gets thinner to make the already thin columns look more substantial below.  It is genius. Wouldn't wanna be yah.




Laszio Moholy-Nagy, Dolls. 1926-1927, Bauhaus

Took an entire year to master this photo of dolls? I'm just sayin'!  It's like, hmmm, this month I will try to cock this one's head to the left in afternoon light of 12:34pm rather than yesterday at 3:12pm.  Creepy in a good way.


Herbert Bayer, Design rough for a poster. 1923, Bauhaus

See the use of color here.  Shah, are you paying attention?



Dynamic Shapes

Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci 1519, Da Leonardo a Canaletto Disegni delle Gallerie dell'Accademia

I actually breathed next to this drawing by Da Vinci when Jeffrey and I were in Florence, Italy.  I remember wanting to seal that vision in my membrane for all time.  Kinda looks like John Locke from LOST. 

Drawing Class

Drawing Class using a movable model. About 1932, Bauhaus.

Raise your hand if you like D.


Sherrie said...

Dotty Dimple Books - My 90-year old mother-in-law favorite childhood stories, she can still quote verbatim from "Dotty Dimple at Home" published in 1868. Fantastic!

trishie said...

I think it's really cool that doilies are making a come back!

Darbla. said...

Das Haus?
And Darby!(me)

Great list!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Sherrie: I must go and google Dotty Dimple Books now. I am intrigued!
Trishie: Don't you think Style Rookie started the doily movement or is it just me?
Darbla: I love your way of writing!

Thank you for visiting!