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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bread & Butter

Farrow & Ball, The Art of Color, Coleman.

All the things that start with "B" and make me say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPAH! Like this ceiling painted BLUE.

Betty Cocker

Bakugan - Not really inspiring, but I like to say BAHHHKUGANNNNNNNN  and annoy middle school children.

Bacon Friar



Bamboo forests

Beacon Hill, Boston

Beacon Hill, Boston. Photographer, me, Lara.  This is the only street that has grass growing. It is a magical place, Beacon Hill.  I want to go there right now and water color some tiny front entry with the gas lamp fires dancing in the late dusk hour.  I am wearing the shiny Burberry trench and guarding the intersection as Mrs. Mallard crosses the grassy street wih her ducklings Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack.  You should read a child "Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey. Charming book about ducks making it work living in Beacon Hill! 

Two special people that I love, Jeffrey my husband and Janny, my Aunt who lives in Boston. Look at Lily's munchy hair. Eva is wearing the pink hat. Guess who is playing the part of photographer in Beacon Hill?


Bert, from Mary Poppins

Brand Strategy - I know I want one, that's a start!


Billabong clip from This is where I buy all my wetsuits dudes! DUDE. TOTALLY.


I took this photo at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport‎. Black vessels on black steps.


Boy George


Burberry Porsum Spring 2010 Ready to Wear,

Up close. Folded, draped and good for the soul!

Burberry Porsum Spring 2010 Ready to Wear,

Up close. Can you feel the love I have for his. Let's take a moment to catch our breath here for a moment. I love you shiny trench coat of super fine roller coaster joy rides. Between you and I, let's ditch the belt OK.

Beach House

Robert A.M. Stern, Architect. Archtectural Digest

Now I am snuggled in that beach house bed reading Make Way for Ducklings to Eva, Lily and Jeffrey.  Somehow we all fit.


Breyers Ice Cream

This is what I found last night when I opened my freezer. Oh Lil! Now that it is getting hotter in the desert, Lily, my 6 year old sweet girl will start to put her favorite toys in the freezer so they don't get heat stroke.

I do love bed covers too. I want a different bed cover for each season. Hell, how about every month. Do it. Click.

What starts with the letter B and makes you say WOOOOOOPAH!


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