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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Take Me to the Cazbahs

Wow friends, I am on fire. I had such a blast at the AZSPA mixer last night. The event started with a tour of the InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa.  Our tour guide was this director who had a forced nervous laugh as he guided us up the grand spiral staircase.  The overall feeling of Joya Spa is Morrocan tranquility.  The approach to the treatment areas was impressive with offering domed space full of candles to state your intentions.  My intention was to design an exclusive bag for this incredible setting. The second stop was a starry blue domed vestibule with a massive crystal lit from above that you can touch to set your intention before your treatment.  The couples treatment room was very authentic with a canopy bed, huge tub surrounded by a wood screen with Moorish detailing. The textiles, candles, and architectural details were right on. I would have hoped the some of the wood work could have been a little tarnished or weathered looking. Overall, I would definitely plan on booking a treatment with this place. True escapism!
 After the tour we went to the Presidential Suite to mix and mingle with local Spa professionals. There were vendors, Spa directors and great food. I am energized and hopeful about who I met and developing friendships. Thank you AZSPA for taking us to the Cazbahs!

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