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Monday, December 21, 2009

Waky Waky Eggs and Rivets

I am so impressed with myself for waking up early today. I am realizing that I need my time in the morning. I had time to think about the next logical step for the Sam Harvey man bag.  I opened the hardware to see if everything would fit and it doesn't exactly but you know I just gotta get started already. I bought enough sizes of webbing for the handles to make it work.  I pretended I was on the show Project Runway and just got back from Mood and had to use whatever I had time to buy.  I can certainly make it work at this point. I arranged everything before sewing and banging it together and I must say it looks awesome! I think this bag is going to be really cool.  The atmosphere is different today now that the kids are home from school. Instead of Pandora, I have Sponge Bob in the background.  I will break after lunch to play some tennis with the girls.  That will be my reward for waking up early. Have a great day all! Who ever is reading this...

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