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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Head On

Man bag is coming along. I made some important decisions regarding the hardware yesterday and made the order. The lady on the other line in Ohio was not as excited as I was. I was like - don't you get it, I am using black plastic feet on the bottom of the bag like Tumi - don't you just want to click your heels. She was just like "Next". I wanted to order thousands of the hardware pieces for my manufacturing plant but for now it was a small order. I decided to start out with making 4 bags.  I know the first man bag will be like the first pancake.  The third or 4th pancake is always the best.  I am in the process of recording each step of fabrication. It is highly detailed and takes a lot of patience and of course listening to Social Distortion helps too. Lately, I have been listening to British Punk to take the edge off. Maybe it is creating more edge, great just what I need. Last night on my bike ride which I decided to go last minute at 10pm, I think I listened ot Head On by Pixies about 15 times on my Ipod. I worked that song.

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