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Monday, December 28, 2009


This is how I make a MAN BAG.  As you can see it takes skills like Autocad for pattern making, a good fabric distributor like H&R Sales and tons of PG Tips tea w/ stevia.  I initially ordered a vintage (I am guessing 70's) bowling ball bag off Ebay. I initially started thinking this would be another girl bag for Minnie Jeanne.  I started posting my progress on Facebook and more men responded than girls. I started keeping it "Old School" as one of my friends had mentioned. This whole process made me re-think the name Minnie Jeanne.  I don't just want to design fashion for women, now I want to design for the MAN too.  Minnie & Sam comes to mind.


Lily said...

so fascinating to see how a bag is made.

Sam Harvey said...

Thank you for visiting. It is interesting to see how architecture is coming in handy for my pursuits for being a fashion designer.