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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clean As You Go

I had a great meeting with my business coach yesterday. It felt like I was looking over the forest instead of the tree yesterday.  I realized that I have been so impatient for Minnie Jeanne to become successful.  I need to be patient and more organized with my direction.  This new year coming is going to be a good year of growth I can feel it.  The main thing is that I need to let up on the feeling of having to prove myself to everyone with the success of what I am building.  This is so not a hobby for me. This is a fashion dynasty.  It is freshing to think of Minnie Jeanne as a dynasty. It is also gratifying to hear my coach give me the ok for developing a bag for the men.  Today,  want to get further on the construction of the man bag prototype.  I want to find the right handles, that would make my day.  All I can do is focus on what needs to be done and as my mother-in-law always says "Clean as you go.".

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