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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Moving In

Lori Newman made my day yesterday. I decided to give the girls teachers Minnie bags the day before winter break.  Lori saw the big Minnie Jeanne kraft paper bag with the big sunny logo on both side and the yellow, pink and green raffia and her face started to beam.  I was wearing my silver metallic bag on my shoulder and I shouted this is your bag baby but in gold! Next thing I know she dashes into the classroom and shreads through the tissue paper.  She comes to the door and holds my bag like it's a trophy.  She proclaims to everyone that she is moving in tonight. That is what I call moving your handbag stuff into another handbag - moving in.  I don't think I ever saw such an excited Minnie Jeanne owner.

More good news for today, the shipment of MAN BAG hardware arrived at my door today.  I have no excuses now!

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