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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Suspense Is Terrible

Let's just say today was messy but productive. Like my boring beige carpet? I would love to set this carpet on fire. I want bright green carpet. Anything but beige. This mess above is the makings for the SAM HARVEY totes that I am going to give Janet tomorrow. It takes time to cut everything up for her. We didn't even touch the leather today.  Janet wanted to play on the vinyl again before touching the leather.

I am impatient, hyper and really excited about the progress.  Remember Canyon Ranch trip in Tucson. I checked in on Laura Hittleman and she loves the silver bolt tote I gave her.  I am so excited.  She seemed excited about working with me on a signature Canyon Ranch tote.

Is this the most beautiful thing you have seen all day or what?!  The long piece is the toggle for the tote and the round thing is called a grommet. I am going to place the grommet front and center on the quilted tote as the metal logo. Both lovely. These are the prototypes.  We only have 2 of each.  I have approved them but I did say IAS needs to make another prototype because the text is not stamped deep enough.  I mean, if I am going to lay down the dough, I want you to be able to read SAM HARVEY!
The clips and D rings for the Man Bag should be arriving on Monday. 

I am trying to download the photos for you and I hear this scream coming down the hallway like a bloody massacre. Look what I see! They are at the moment laughing and filling my entire bathroom with bubbles.  Like I said, it has been a messy day. Did I tell you that I played some awesome tennis tonight too. Oh it was so much fun! I really love tennis.  I am still hyper though.  I am tempted to go for a 10 o'clock bike ride.

This is the other tote for Janet to sew. I love how I combined the blue metallic with the blue anime.  I know, I said I was going to do clutches.  Do you want to help me?  Want to learn how to sew.  You could just cut stuff out on this here beige carpet. It is not even soft carpet. I swear, it is made out of plastic.  Looks like taco ground beef.

Janet was sitting to the left of all this crap.  Clutches, handbags, orange leather, blades, clips and other random favorite things.  Black tea. That vegan chocolate from Sedona made me play some good tennis.

I better go wash their hair now.  Who knows what my bathroom looks like now.  I will leave you with this quote darlings.

The suspense is terrible.  I hope it will last.  Willie Wonka

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