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Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi friend! I have to write or I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.   It was an interesting day.  Let's just say that I went beyond fullfilling my 3 vital factors for today.  First of all I had to leave the house before sunrise to get to Executive Forums for an all member meeting to hear Jack Stack author, mega watt entepreneur speak about putting open book systems into place for your business and employees to really kick ass in business. 

Let's back up.  The blue metallic clutch above I finished yesterday so I could have it to show to potential buyers today.  This was kind of spur of the moment.  I was thinking what else will I do with my time after the all member meeting until 6:30pm for dinner with my family in Phoenix?

I forced myself to get out there and show at least 2 spa buyers this new clutch. I totally did not want to do it.  I thought, I could go to a museum or read a book. Then I thought, what will that net me?!  Feeling even worse...  I SAID TO MYSELF - GET OUT AND DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO! NOW!

Oh, by the way, that is the interior.  Yeah.  First stop was The Phoenician.  Mind you, I did not set up any appointments with these buyers. I just showed up.  I thought to myself, just pretend that I am really a wealthy wasp and I just do this for fun.  I really don't need the money. Just going to ask them how they like the clutch. Honest feedback was today's objective.  The buyer for Phoenician wasn't there. I went to my car and felt really stupid, so I called Sherrie to say hi, just hearing her voice made me feel better. I have a new cell phone that I couldn't even find phone numbers for my buyers which made it even crazier!

I went to Sanctuary Spa to talk to Robert Vance.  He is a really cool guy.  He was there in the beginning when I started with the quilted signature bags.  He was there at ISPA when Jeffrey and I launched Minnie Jeanne with our do it yourself booth.  When I arrived at the boutique, the ladies were like "Oh Robert is too busy...don't know where he is." I was feeling like looser again.  I decided to just leave a card.  As I was heading out, I ran right into Robert!

Long story short, Robert says he is inviting me to a Sanctuary Trunk Show in April!  I went to my car with chills.  See how this is turning out! Then I drove to Joya Spa to meet Abbey. I had not met her face to face before.  I sat down with her and showed her the clutches and next thing I know, she had invited SAM HARVEY to Joya Spa trunk show in April. 

My last stop was W Hotel Scottsdale.  It was here that I was inspired to do something edgy and sexy in the first place.  Carlena took one look at the blue clutch and I knew I had met the mark. It was pure magic. We did the happy dance together in the boutique.  She is really excited about it!  She suggested getting the zipper brass color to match the chain and use a magnet instead of a snap to close it.  It felt so good to hear her say that it will work for the W! 


Actually, I had some time to kill before going to the W so I went into the Barney's.  I had not been in here before.  That could be a whole other post. I will save my inspirations for another time.  There, I feel better that I told you what happened.  It probably doesn't help that I went to Teavana before going to Shabbat to have an extra strong tea to celebrate.  Did I mention that I bumped into a woman who works in the Aviation Dept for the City of Pheonix at Teavana. At that point in the day, I was so full of myself, I could have sold a dirty diaper.  Anyway, this lady wants me to open up a SAM HARVEY at Sky Harbor.  Yes, that's what happens when I tell them to MAKE ME A BLACK TEA LIKE YOU MEAN IT!


Craig Jolly said...

Congratulations!! The clutch looks fabulous, perfect for the W (or any other Hotel / Spa for that matter). Thanks for sharing, I needed a 'stay focused and good things can come' posting.

fashion westie said...

YAY! You clever little clutch making cookie!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thank you Jolly and Fashion Westie. You really help me stay focused. It means so much to have a support group when you are creating out of your house! I love you guys - weep weep!

Nen said...

Wow! Amazing Clutch!!! Looks great!

I've never thought of pickle yogurt... but I might give it a try if I ever come across it!

Hope you had a nice evening out!!