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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ever Made Mai Tai With Jim Beam?

Well last we chatted, I was hyper. I ended that when I went to visit Gaston for my haircut at the Wigwam Red Door Spa. I ended up spending 3 hours there prepping myself in the spa for my hair cut. I was sitting in the sauna and across from me was this lady. I was chatty so I said, "What are you here for?".  She told me that she was going to spend the whole day at the spa and get a bunch of services. I was like "Yeah, I am getting a hair cut!"  She wasn't impressed.   Sauna was very good to me. After sauna, I was so wiped out I fell asleep in the outdoor courtyard.

Upon returning home, I started plans for our virtual Maui vacation. Eva and Lily are on Spring Break so I decided to make the best with where I am and pretend we are in Maui for a week. It started Monday.  Above is a Mai Tai that is made with Jim Beam. Does it still count? I used fresh pinapple.  I forgot rum when I was buying all my pinapples and Maui stuff. There are many ways to have a vitual vacation.  Eat outside, go to the park and hit buckets of tennis balls, have a picnic with your kids at the park, sleep in, paint your nails*haven't done that yet*, cook different things and watch videos of Matt Meola surf. Ruff. 

Just so you know "The future is to keep going to the air.  If you go to the air and mix that with smooth carves, that's surfing." New York Times, Surfing Takes a New Direction, Up Into the Air.


Impressive kabobs aye! See the pinapple? We have sunsets, palm trees, grass, tan people and most of all the dry heat.  You know the truth of the matter is... How long could I actually sit on a beach sipping Mai Tais until I would want to sew something or strike a deal with the nearest Ritz Carlton. I belong here right now. Doing my thing.  This has been the best Spring Break ever.  The maid service really sucks though.

In the mornings before the troops wake up, I am working on the orange clutch for mii amo in Sedona. I want Kelly to have this one and try it out.

I am also sewing myself into a coccoon. No just kidding. I am sewing myself a tunic thing. This blue silk is from my Aunt Rita.  When she went to Thailand I asked her to pick up some silk.  But you and I know how picky I am. I am a Sunrise according to "More Alive With Color". I look amazing in this blue color.  I told Rita, yes, that would be Uncle Greg's sister, to buy Palace Blue.  She also had a fanguide. I did her colors last time she was out. Pretty slick of me huh. Rita is a Sunset. You know, I can help you with what looks best on you too. Life is too short to waste money on clothes that are the wrong color for you.  I am so lucky to be me.

Spring Bouquet too.

This is the tunic turned inside out. The form is still so simple. I need to take it in on the sides and make some darts well, you know where.  Yes, I know I need to make my clutch that is orange leather.  This is my virtual trip in Maui. Time is slower in Maui.  Could you just see me with my sewing machine on the beach? Or maybe on some wood raft in the middle of the clear blue ocean. In between seams I could jump in the water.

Look at what arrived!  Man Bag hardware!  I am so proud of it.

Some of you may remember me working on the Man Bag using these generic black metal clips. You can't see it here but the clip part that goes on the buckle was too small. I couldn't find it anywhere in the universe so I knew it was time to go custom.  I am going to order the buckles in a faded nickel. I am really excited! I will be using this clip buckle set on my women's zipper bag too. It takes 2 more months to get the order in.

Everything is working out you see.

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