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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Devon My Swap Pal

Stationary Swap Packages! This genius idea is a fellow blogger named Megan. Her blog is  I started seeing pen pals swapping martha stewart like stationary bundles to one another and I wanted in on the fun.  I especially liked the idea because I knew my pen pal would be picked randomly for me by Megan.  She is super organized, this Megan from Australia!

Aren't the paper clips too much. Devon is my swap pal from Cental PA and we have just completed our first stationary swap!  I feel lucky to have Devon as a partner becuase she sews. She also sews handbags.  If you want to see what I sent Devon go to her blog at

Look at what Devon prepared for me. Some of us are so used to sending electronic messages that we have forgotten how wonderful it is to get a surprise in the mail. First off, everything Devon sent is wonderful and thoughtfully selected.  I do send hand written letters quite often.  I know that it stands out from the rest.  Recently I pulled the plug on hand writting the to and from addresses.  But the guts of the letter needs to be in ink Baby! 

Thank you Devon where ever you are.  You made me feel special!  I am pretty sure we are going to be swapping every month!  Wow!  I better start writing some notes!  If you want some, you need to send some.

Devon made flower hair clips for Eva and Lily.

Did I tell you that Devon lives on a farm with chickens. The other day she watched one lay an egg. For real!

Look at what Lily did with the Maui dolls that we made last week! Oh Lil! She loves to line things up.

This is how Skibu helped with cutting out clutch pieces today.  More on that later.  Rainbow dreams!  Skibu says Maaahhhh.


Devon said...

Thank you for the sweet post! And THANK YOU THANK YOU for the package you sent me! I am still shocked.. and I have been showing everyone I come in contact with! haha!

Unknown said...

thats such a fantastic swap - i love stationary x