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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Speed of Light is Rad

What do you say when a 3rd grader asks you what the 4th Dimension is?  Why are these nebulous questions always asked before going to bed?

"Just relax and don't worry over things that needn't trouble you," Mrs. Whatsit said.  "We made a nice, tidy little time tesser, and unless something goes terribly wrong we'll have you back about five minutes before you left, so there'll be time to spare and nobody'll ever need to know you were gone at all, though of course  you'll be telling your mother, dear lamb that she is. And if something goes terribly wrong it won't matter whether we ever get back at all." - Madeleine L'Engle, A Winkle in Time.

Dad made me watch this movie. After the scene you hopefully just watched, the guy travels faster and longer. The only point of reference of time is the changing fashions in the women's apparel shop. When he finally figures out how to get from the 1960's to Fall 2010 he will see this!

More from Stella McCartnery Everbody, 1. 2. 3, S-T-E-L-L-A!
Fall 2010.  Perfect to wear in Arizona starting in May. Can I just say the shoes are monumental. I could bronze them.

See the super blob white sequins? I found it in my Textile View Magazine Issue 89.  Stella, is View sitting on you bedside table?  It is hard to see but the nude shimmery shift above has huge mega watt sequins.  I love how you think Stella!

For time travel you will need Airy and Vaporous musings.

 When I am co-pilot to Einstein or sitting beside the Victorian Englishman in the 1960's The Time Machine, I will be wearing this.  But I will add bright red lip stick, nails and a SAM HARVEY red tote.

You know it! Squared up, even in the 4th dimension!  If I went to the fifth dimension then I would wear something like protons with glittery orbs hanging like a chandelier from my skin.  No seams were harmed in this blog. 

Textile View Magazine Issue 89.


Unknown said...

S-T-E-L-L-A oh crap, I missed the count!
Cool textiles....not so cool questions before bed that keep your brain buzzing all night.

Everyday Dress Up said...

love the SHEERNESS.

amazing textures. love your site

pip a la chic said...

No seams were harmed in this blog! hahahahha and you think I am funny1 you're very good with words my dear! Loving the last picture. xxx

Susan said...

Rome is amazing, isn't it? Love those pics- the bag is gorgeous, is it your design? xx