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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Smell Like Leather

I'm into leather too. Digg it. I am going to make a clutch with this orange leather tomorrow with Janet.

All I can think of is orange leather and how I wish me and my Uncle Greg were chums.  Uncle Greg has a leather shop in Alhambra, California.  I remember when I was about 9, my dad, Greg's brother helped me make my own belt.  He gave me metal stamps of butterflies and hearts and the mallet and let me go at it. I remember him using the industrial hole puncher to make the holes. It was really cool.  Uncle Greg would come over for the holidays and just give us big stuffed animals and tons of cash. He always smelled like tanning leather dyes, weed and some dark after hours party smell.  My dad wouldn't let Greg sit on the couch because it would smell like Greg for days.  Once I remember dad put a sheet on the couch before Greg came over. Any hoo, ever since Dad's funeral, I haven't seen or talked with him. He is bitter because I wouldn't bury dad in LA with the family. I want Dad in Arizona, where Erik and I can visit him. He is my Dad anyway.  I am the boss.

Anyhow.  If Greg was here he could really help me with this leather. I am nervous about working with this stuff.  I bought it at Tandy.  I love Ed at Tandy. Missing teeth and all. I am sure if I have questions I know he will help me.

This place is in the heart of Phoenix. Ed loves my bags and the fact that I make them here in Arizona.  I can't wait to show him my clutch when I am done. I am working on not using Shoe Goo for the edges at all. It is going to be awesome!  For those of you asking for the Man Bag, the Sam Harvey hardware sample for the handles should be in this week. I will show you when they come in.  Rainbow dreams everyone!

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pip a la chic said...

Good luck with the clutch! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.