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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Behind The Curtain

This is  "Tricolor" Evening Dress made in 1939, page 120 from Chanel The Metropolitan Museum of Art book. My friend Khanh Le bought me this book.  He definitely knows what I like.  I know I posted this dress many moons ago which is precisely why I need to bring it out once more.  Karl Lagerfield as some of you know is the head of the house of Chanel since Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel croaked.  I think he is doing a pretty swell job.  Look at what I found in last Sunday's New York Times Sunday Styles Section.

He took the Tricolor and made it sexy and well AWESOME! I want this bad.  I love the chunky crotchet neck line and the brass crinkly buttons which you can't see, are perfect.  The skirt is right from grandma's coffee table. Perfect Chanel translation. Did you pick up on this or is it just me?

Speaking of brass.  Lisa Helfant from IAS International Advisory Service called today regarding pricing for the custom toggle, clip and grommet for SAM HARVEY.  Let's back up to the first call I ever had with her. Initially, I felt like some urchin off the street wanting some guidance for custom hardware. I felt like Dorothy going to meet the big OZ behind the curtain.  Well today, I found out that the big OZ is just a factory that thinks my hardware designs are like no other.  Today Lisa told me that she needs somebody in their company like me who can design and draft hardware.  Breath in deeply.  I was blown away.  I just assume that Alexander Wang and Coach knows how to design and draft in Autocad. I have been doing it for so long since *thinking* 1988. Honestly, I assume these competitor bag designers of mine know how to do this.  But guess what. They ask IAS for ideas.  I feel like I have something that they will never have. Knowledge is power.  No don't worry, I am not going to go work for IAS as their hardware designer. I gave Lisa the green light for the order today.  It will take 2 months. 

I was going to put the Autocad drawings on here of the hardware but well you know I can't do that.  Above is what I worked on today with Janet.  We perfected the pattern and instructions for the clutch. I want to be prepared for the Trunk Show April 2nd at the Sanctuary.  Time to make the clutchies.

This is the outdoor courtyard at The Sanctuary Resort in Paradise Valley. This is where Sam Harvey will be come April 2nd.  Kind of looks like Maui.  See how that works!

I love this book. I read this to Eva every night now. I do all the voices really good.  It is the best read I have had in a long time.  Rainbow dreams.

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Unknown said...

That dress is gorgeous to put it simply!