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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rock a Hula Baby

I find bits and pieces of Maui everywhere.  These are dolls we made today out of clothes pins.  I know it's sick.  I can do it all.  It was Eva's big idea. Good thing because we needed an inside day.  Do you love the surf board Eva made? The wet suit trunks look sandy!

See the Aloha sticker on the right? See what I mean? Even in the Michael's parking lot you kind find Maui!   I can tell that Eva and Lily will be my favorite shopping buds.  Eva is dead on with telling me if something will fly or not.   Lily is like taking Wanda Sykes shopping with you. We were in the bathroom and it smelled like the end of the world as we know it. Seriously! They should have put a sign on the door saying "Don't Even Think About It!".  Once inside Lily starts saying how nasty it is. On and on. She will not shut up. There was someone in the stall.  I felt so bad with Lily carrying on.  I started to laugh. But silent, like laughing on my face but no sound coming out. Well Lily loved that.  Lily would not stop. Next thing I know the one in the stall is flushing and trying to get the hell out of there and Lily is now screaming with laughter. 

Wouldn't it be nice if this is all you needed to make you happy for a good 2-3 hours. Like Lily's blue nails.

Rock A Hula Baby always makes Filet o' Fish taste awesome too. Filet is so Maui! The kids loved their Omniscent Meatball Icarly toy at Md's too. They were asking it questions like: Should I eat ketsup? Will I get married? Should I put this seatbelt on?  Do you have a ...? Yes or No.

Juanito came over while we were making these.   He loved the meatball too.  He was disappointed when the meatball said NO to him getting married.  He is in first grade!

The cutest thing I can recall from today is Lily doing the photo shoot. I told her "Lily, go find a place that looks tropical for the dolls and then you can take their picture."   She sprinkled little flowers at the dolls feet.  Can you just imagine her sweet little hands with turquoise metallic nail polish lovingly doing this.  So sweet. So innocent.  I caught myself actually telling her when I first saw it that it wasn't green enough. I stopped and made myself stop analyzing everything.  I told her what she had done was just right.  I am glad I changed my thinking.  I know I don't want her to grow up thinking that Mommy always wants it different than what her brilliant mind can come up with.

I want to look like this when I wake up.  I know, totally random but great! I love the flat bed hair!  I love the heavy eyeliner. She does look like she has a pet hamster in the sling that she is petting. This was taken from Fashiontoast blog that I visited tonight. Made me jealous that I am not in Tokoyo or New York going to fashion shows.  But hey, my serves are getting better.


Cindy White said...

Loved the Post and your Girls - they are darling, creative and talented just like their MOM!

Bluefemme said...

The little Aloha dolls are cute!

Nen said...

very creative! loved that she found just the perfect place for the Aloha doll photo shoot!!

Tink in My Closet said...

How cute and creative. Look like you had a fun time in Maui!!

ps: I adore your bag designs!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Thank you for the comments. I did have a great time in Maui! I am still listening to Isreal Kamakawiwo' Ole. He rocks the house! I have his music in may head all day. I love it! You are the best! Thank you for visiting!