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Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Camp is Calling

I need snaps for putting on this much eyeliner. Can't even tell, can you!  This post is dedicated to the writers of South Park.  There are too many writers to list, so I won't.  I was inspired after listening to them on the Terry Gross Fresh Air radio show.  If I were on South Park I would look like this...

Jeffrey's socks, Joe's jeans cut offs, Clark's sandals, J Crew Painter T, Hollister plaid top, Burberry hat and shell necklace made by a nice Apache friend.

The whole look was inspired partly by this Jamboree photo below.  Rule No. I: Use whatever I had in my closet today.

I really want to go to Cabella's right now and buy a hunting hat. My floppy Burberry did nicely for this shoot.  This South Park inspiration is about weathered and worn denim and casuals.  The sexy girl scout above is taken from Textile View Magazine Issue 89, page 177. Yes, this look is forecasted for Summer 2011. Aren't you glad I have a View! I love the yellow die on the jeans.  You can't see it but she has a felt bird on her shoulder.  Summer camp is calling!

Kenny is calling too...

Striking resemblence to Kenny.  Which came first this polarized sprayed-on-futuristic-fantasy-man-boy or Kennalidge?  Page 74 Textile View Magazine Issue 89.  You are a man, I dare you to wear this.  I'll be your best friend!


pip a la chic said...

Great South Park character especially the outfit. I LOVE South Park! We are getting pay tv back on next Wednesday so more South Park for me. How are your clutches going?

Margaret said...

looking stunning!! love your shorts :)
great blog too
stop by some time x

Clara Campelo said...

lovely pics
great blog!

Sam Harvey said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Clutches are coming along. I don't think I will have 30 by next Friday unless I can get a hold of some ump lumpas. I still want to go to Cabellas and get a campy looking hat though!